Albums – your first heirloom

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The importance of an album and prints

Photographs are made to be seen, shared and printed. This is why all of our collections include a beautiful album as the primary product. Digital files are great, however in years to come where will they be, can you view them and what will you view them on? We have seen a huge change in technology over the years giving us more options and choice of products than we’ve ever had. This does mean change and certain products becoming a part of history…. VHS, Mini disk, cassette tapes, floppy disks, zip disks. We’ve seen them all come and go. Even now DVD drives are becoming less common with USB or digital download and transfer being used. We have Blu-ray, download, HD, 3D and more and that will change soon enough.

I bet somewhere in your house or parents house is a box or album of photographs that are 25 years old or more. The pictures of your parents and grandparents when they were young. The negative has long gone but the picture still exists as a print. Your wedding album is your first family heirloom, it will be handed down and will last longer than you and I. In 20 years time you can pick up the album and look through it but those digital files you had on a drive 20 years ago, your current mobile phone, a laptop that lasted only a few years are long gone or you can’t find or even read the data anymore.

Every one of my clients always sees digital versions of their files first. The slideshow viewing is on a large TV, they then have JPEG versions and an app on their phone or iPad and computer. The album is proofed online and the majority of people will have seen the images via one of these medias and social networks. I am always told “it looks so much better in print than on the website” “it doesn’t look like that on my laptop” “my prints I got in the supermarket aren’t any where near the same quality”

All of our products are premium quality and all prints are controlled using various papers and correct colour profiling. This is also the case with my trusted suppliers who print the albums and wall art. You can be assured of optimum quality and precision in our product range.